Guangzhou Startec Science and Technology Co., Ltd

Business Operation

Business Operation


Market conditions changes quickly, chance is fleeting, so from established, Startec is insisting on developing and strengthening based on technological innovation, sets up Provincial and Municipal Engineering Technology Center, Enterprise Technology Center, these two research platforms own advanced laboratory with 2,000 m2 used for testing and pilot testing, laboratory configurates liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, fourier transform infrared spectrometer, ZT potentiostat, skin tester these high-end testing equipments. Startec owns strong technical research and development groups with more than 60 persons led under chairman, master or above degree is more than 10 persons. During the process of technological innovation and new product R&D, R&D team has developed hundreds of products to satisfy customers’ requirement according to the market development, products mainly refer to various of mild surfactants, detergent builders, thickening agent and emulsifier for cosmetics, paper making chemicals and other fine chemicals.

Representative R&D projects which have been supported by nation and province: “High Solids Betaine Surfactants” is brought into NDRC Light Industry project, obtained Guangzhou Scientific and Technological Progress the third prize. “Green Synthesis And Applied Research And Development Of Biodegradability Silicone Ester Quaternary Ammonium Surfactant” project was approval by Guangdong Science and Technology Agency.

Applied for patents for invention total 22 items, authorized total 13 items. Took part in formulating National/Industrial Standards 11 items, published 9 items.